As you may be aware, from September 1st 2014, the EU have banned sales of high powered vacuum cleaners over 1600 watts.

This is all part of an EU directive to reduce energy consumption and a further 30 products including many household items (including hair dryers) are currently being investigated for their energy efficiency. It would appear that many of these products may face some more stringent regulation over the next few years.

The BBC have recently published a story on this topic which can be found here

Additionally, a more detailed EU report on this issue can be found here Of note in this report are pages 118 to 129 which investigate both Hair Dryers and Hand Dryers.

A consultancy firm are currently investigating energy output across a wide range of products and are scheduled to produce their results in January 2015. At that point the EU will look at their recommendations and decide which products they will want to regulate and how they will do it.

In the meantime if the HBSA receives any updates on this story they will be circulated to members.