The Hairdressing & Beauty Suppliers Association
Phone: 0845 519 3258


The HBSA is comprised of industry professionals that provides a voice for the industry, sharing knowledge and offering support where it is needed. To join you will need to fill in and return an application form. This will then be vetted by the HBSA Council for endorsement.


To join the HBSA please fill in the Membership Form 2019 which must be signed and returned. You will then receive a pro-rata invoice up until 31st December. The pro-rata fees can be seen on the membership application form.

As a Wig Supplier you are also required to fill in the  Wig Supplier Code of Practice 2019 which must be signed and returned.

Introduction to the HBSA

For an overview of the HBSA please click the following link: Introducing the Hairdressing & Beauty Suppliers Association

Membership Brochure

The latest membership brochure can be read if you click on the following link: Final HBSA Membership Brochure.


The cost of membership for one year is £380 + VAT

The cost of membership if you are a wig supplier is £315 + VAT

Please note that memberships run from 1st January to 31st December each year. If you join the Association mid-year you will be charged a pro-rata fee until the 31st December of that year. You will then have the option to renew your membership for the whole of the following calendar year.

For further information please contact Mike Patey (HBSA General Manager) by email or by phone on 0845 519 3258.

Alternatively you can contact the HBSA by filling out the following contact form.

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