A new ‘Allergy Alert’ card for hairdressers has been developed by the National Hairdressers Federation and the Freelance Hair & Beauty Federation, in consultation with the CTPA. The new card is called the ‘Allergy Alert Consultation and Colour Record Card’.

The idea is that this new card will allow hair stylists to be better informed as to whether a client will need to take a skin sensitivity test 48 hours before applying a hair colour, or whether it will be safe for the hair dye to be applied without a test. The information gained will indicate the client’s ‘test’ history and their answers will allow hair stylists to see when a client last had a skin sensitivity test and whether they need to take another one at that point in time.

It has been developed in conjunction with two insurance brokers (Coversure and Just Hair Insurance) so that the hairdressers feel confident that they are following best practice guidelines and complying with their insurance policies. In addition to any information collected from the client, the HBSA would advocate that on every occasion when hair is going to be coloured then the best advice is to follow the manufacturers’ instructions. If there is any doubt, then the safest thing to do is to take a sensitivity test.